Posted by: Rakesh | December 20, 2005

Call to fellow Bloggers..

Join this webspace to share your views about Bihar.. Anything which you feel like sharing.. may be a travel log or some news… or may be a few words about the place from which you belong … or just about the day to day politics of Bihar…
Hope to see a lot of us posting for the bihar.

Plz write your wordpress id in the comments or mail me at kumar-dot-rakesh-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-in so that I can add you in the contributors.


  1. congratulations for such an wonderful blog and platform,i am very delighted to discover this blog.include me in the family…

  2. Yes definately we have to do something about our beloved state. Other states have more blogs, sites than us.

  3. Hi Rakesh,

    Please add me to the contributors list. I would also like to enrich this blog.


  4. I also want to contribute something for the bihar, so please add me as a blogger

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