Posted by: Rakesh | June 6, 2007

Badhe Chalo, Badhe Chalo…

Writing after a very long time in this blog. In between, so many things are happened in Bihar, so many of them are good and some of them are not so good. Well, not in the mood to list out what all we have achieved in the near past.

But I would like to congratulate the CBSE Xth topper from Bihar, Manish Kumar. Good Job Manish, keep it up.

And just one line from a great Bihari to all such Past, Present and Future Manish Kumars of Bihar.

प्रवीर हो जयी बनो – बढ़े चलो बढ़े चलो।


  1. welcome back to to the blog world

  2. Good to see you back rakesh.Keep blogging for Bihar.

  3. AH2:n-Two transition chambers passed leak check. The one that the morning shift was working on leaked exactly at the seams of both temporary end plate o-rings but was otherwise tight.n-Another transition chamber (one of the ones with pinch valves on the side) is prepared for leak check but could not be moved to the leak checker.n-All of the magrolls screws were tightened/replaced in section 2. There was a question whether the lock washer is necessary on the magroll clamps to the middle web support (#302 on 25MW1-315-000)n-One seperator passed leak check. Note that strange leaking was attributed to warping or scratching on the blank plates. It may be beneficial to have some new plates made. Come on

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