Posted by: Rakesh | January 10, 2006

‘Bihar is the ultimate land of opportunities’

Nitish is surely doing a good work here … read this article


  1. Nice to read that you are also concerned about Bihar’s development.All the very Best.You can join my group and share your thoughts and views.

  2. bihar was a land of budha .now a days bihar is the worst state of india. being i am a student i know which kind of atrocities we have face in other states.only politicians and politicians are responsible for this trauma.

  3. it has to change

  4. Bihar has been daveloping.Nitish kumar is going to be a right way.After 5 years Bihar will also a develop state.

  5. Garb se kaho ” I am a Bihari”.In India there is only one bihar.No body can compair with bihar.

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